Monday, January 31, 2011

Virus Power

Viruses are made up of just two main parts. A protein coat and DNA core. The protein coat is designed to match it's target cell in a complementary manner and thus fuse with it, injecting the DNA core to the cell it is infecting.

Create a protein coat that matches and targets your cell of interest and what you have are viruses that are launched like guided missiles hitting only the cells you want it to.

The DNA core tells the infected cell what to do. It takes over command as the first few things it codes for, it does so at the expense of the cell. Beyond that .. it just doesn't matter if the host sustains its own cellular machinary.

Lets say, i target, by modifying the protein coat, only adipose tissue. I ask the virus to install information for excess insulin production... with a bit of gene regulation, we have a one dose lifetime treatment for obese diabetic patients. 

This virus will slowly feed on the fat, releasing insulin in a regulated manner to control blood sugar levels.

On the other hand, target the myocytes or the muscles and convert cellular matter into neurotoxins. 

At the battlefield, an infection would lead soldiers immobile and crying in agony and pain just hours after the infection.

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