Sunday, January 30, 2011

Linux Distros

After months and months of searching and researching, downloading and trying out at least 20 iso and distros here is a small conclusion. There is still a lot to discover out there.

1. Best distro for programmers - Gentoo
2. Best distro for networking and security - Red hat and Fedora
3. Best distro for old obsolete computers - Puppy linux
4. Best distro for educational and kids 2 yrs and above - Quimo
5. Best distro for gaming - Supreme Supergamer
6. Best distro for hacking - Backtrack
7. Best distro for Rescue - Trinity
8. Best distro for cloud computing - Peppermint Ice
9. Best live distro - Knoppix
10.Smallest distro - Tiny Core Linux

Ubuntu is the best for a normal user... be it on a desktop, laptop, notebook, mac. Everything.

Also......have you ever wondered what KDE and Gnome are?
Linux is actually like dos, right.. you type commands (which people don't really like).. so there have been a few programs that do that work for you and give you a window to work gui in. KDE and Gnome are the most popular of the lot.

KDE and Gnome users hate each other.. and here is why.

KDE writers believe in having the power to tweak their graphical interface to the maximum. KDE thus has a lot of complex options to make everything look better..

Gnome writers believe in simplicity. Though the power to tweak still exists, it's less versatile. Gnome is for beginners and people who do not wish to be lost in the hassle.

I've just given my opinion on the most controversial topics, am sure i will get a lot of comments on which people think is better, I would love to hear them all and try out what others have to offer. Also if you find other distros that are out there to focus on some task as mentioned above please do let me know.

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