Sunday, January 30, 2011

My seminar with G Subramanium

I attended a seminar by renowned Astrophysicist G Subramanium, his topic was the history of our universe

First off it talked about how space was being warped and stuff, which i just don't understand, cause if you uniformly stretched space, i doubt the effects of physics like the red shift would exist. It has to be relatively stretched for such effects to play a role, as in the distance between galaxies must expand faster than distance that makes up the stars, the galaxies expanding ( this is an argument with rudimentary physics that i will not go into)

Second problem was when the physicists claimed that the universe followed Euclidean geometry and thus must be flat. Otherwise we geometry as a triangle having more than 180 degrees for an angle as if you were drawing it on a ball. WELL OBVIOUSLY IT WILL LOOK FLAT IF YOU ARE LOOKING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE rather than drawing lines on the surface of the universe.

Thus the next issue: I understood the point till baryonic matter, energy, dark matter,even but when it hit dark energy.. whoa... wait. The basic assumption that the universe is Euclidean and thus must have a certain energy density ( density of energy + mass (including dark mass) converted to energy by e=mc^2 formula) which is that of 5 protons (converted back into baryonic matter as units) per cubic meter. The universe has only 1 proton per cubic meter. OKAY.. lets create something to fix the formula.. dark energy!..

Hey man, maybe i don't understand the basic argument about euclidean geometry but lets take another perceptive alright...  Now dark energy is supposed to be why the universe is expanding. This is the driving force behind it's expansion right?? okay..on a previously missed note, one of the astonishing discoveries in our universe's history is that all galaxies are infinitely accelerating further and further away from the center of the big bang.  Okay so what happens when a galaxy approaches speed of light. [When any object approaches speed of light, further energy is compensated by the addition of mass, right?] My guess is that.. it may gather dark energy, converting it to mass, maybe dark matter.. then maybe dark matter turns into baryonic matter like protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, positrons, mesons... etc.

Dark Energy cannot be converted into anything, this is the energy possessed by vacuum. This energy always remains energy.
As for the question i asked about the approaching speed of light..... He gave me some shit about doppler effect which sounded pretty confusing. ( the problem with me, unlike most people is.... I just don't switch off when bullshit if poured onto me... you may think that i'll go all blitz like a tv without signal and then accept the conclusion... i tried... i couldn't switch off) his conclusion was.. that since space itself was expanding the velocity of light just cannot be achieved.

I processed that as much as i could, and realized either he was trying to confuse me or he's got his basic math wrong. I think what he said was that since space too is expanding, to reach speed of light, you need to attain certain distance by time.. and that distance is ever expanding, thus the speed remains lower.

Now if distance or space was expanding, for Doppler effect results as discovered would not exist, subsequently if the speed was 'found' to be accelerating infinity then even if space expands, a certain amount of space just has to be covered, irrespective of how much that space has expanded.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe i didn't understand something, please go ahead and comment, help me understand it a bit better.

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