Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Server

We at our family run on Ubuntu. We also travel a lot. With heavy amounts of data we need a home server a place where we can store and collect data whenever required.

Any PC with a motherboard that supports network boot, connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, with an ubuntu system on it; multiple hard disks connected via sata cables and usbs could increase the database.

The computer must automatically load till a desktop and automatically enable it's ubuntu keyring. It can be configured to do so. It should be automatically connected to a virtual private network It should also allow remote desktop access without conformation.

This PC must be connected to a website that tracks the dynamic ip address of this computer. We will require that ip address to 'wake' the system. With simple apps on smart phones or programs on other computers, you may switch on this computer. Wait till the computer boots and you can access it via your Virtual Private Network. You can then access the computer and it's hard drives via your smart phone or your laptop.

After use, just Shut down or Hibernate the computer and you don't use more electricity than required. Your Home server doesn't require a monitor, a keyboard or a mouse.

With the motion detecting software "motion" you can also use webcams for security and have it put all it's files online!!!

If your home server runs on solar power, we can also eliminate the little bit of power that it consumes. All you would be paying for with this home server is the cost of your individual internet connections and you can access any file from your home server from any part of the world with just an internet connection!!!!

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